Have you ever wondered how important it is to spread awareness about cancer and its negative effects. We do not realise but there are many people around us who suffer from this life threatening disease and do not know how to get the best possible treatment.

Apart from this there are people who do not even know about the symptoms of the disease which can prove to be even more dangerous. One of the simplest ways of helping people suffering from cancer is by spreading more awareness about the disease.

We at Club for the Cure are a group of students who do just this for our community. This club was created so that students from all around the united states of america can come together to help in this noble cause.

The main aim of the club is to raise awareness and funds for cancer research through different events. We understand how important these researchers are as they prove to be successful in coming up with cures for this dangerous disease.

The Club for the Cure hosts different events throughout the month so that people can pay to see these events supporting Cancer Research.The amount that we generate from these events is later used to fund cancer researches.

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