About Us

Club for the Cure is a non profit organisation which is created by different student bodies from all around the United States. These students belong to different colleges and universities in America who have come together to spread awareness regarding cancer.

The primary motive of creating this club was to fund cancer research sessions so that there are more effective cures available for this life threatening disease. The way this club works is that we participate in numerous fundraisers and events so that we can generate sufficient amount to support these research sessions.

Apart from this we also conduct events ourselves so that people can pay for those fundraisers. We make sure that every month there is some or the other event which can be used for raising enough funds for this noble cause.

Why Choose Us?

The amount that we generate is later transferred to different cancer related charities all across the country. Some of the charitable organisations that we support include BC Cancer Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society of Cancer and BC Children's Hospital Oncology Ward.

The main aim of all these organisations is to come up with hundred percent effective treatments and medicines for different types of cancers. If you too are looking to be a part of any of these fundraiser events then you can get all the information through our website.

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