Bake Sale

One of the most traditional forms of fundraising is the Spring Bake Sale. If you want some baked goodies then dropping by for this fundraiser is a great way to treat yourself and support this extraordinary cause. This bake sale is a part of our cancer research fundraisers like numerous others which is conducted by us each year.


Balding for Dollars

One of the most popular events of all time that club for the cure organises each year is Balding for Dollars. Every participant that gets their head shaved raises money for the cause which is later distributed to one of the charitable organisations from our list. This event to is organised each year and is one of the most visited fundraisers of Club for the Cure.


Welcome dinner for fall

Fall is approaching soon and club for the cure is hosting a welcome dinner like always. This is the best way to start your year and enjoy delicious food at the same time. Apart from this attending our event will also help us raise money for this great cause. Just think about the number of people you would help by attending our fundraiser this year.


Toy Sale

Which kid doesn't like toys and one of the best places to buy this year's toys supply for your kid is at our event. We are at club for the cure conduct these toy sales for kids and their parents which can also help generate enough money for our awareness program. Along with this these events can also be a great place to socialize with other people from the same community.

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